America’s Hottest Export is…Sperm?

America’s Hottest Export is…Sperm? image

America’s Hottest Export is…Sperm?

Looking for sperm has not yet become so…. American? While this seems ludacris, in reality it is taking over the world’s supply of sperm…yes, sperm. For one woman in Australia, that is where her IVF clinic sent her.

Yet, she wasn’t ready to commit – so, she enlisted her father to help her make the selection.

According to the Guardian,

On the 17-page file provided to clients, he wrote that he became a donor because “he wanted to spread his awesome genes throughout the world,” which, Rasmussen acknowledges, “was such an arrogant thing to say. It made me laugh because it really showed me how young he was. I felt like he was joking when he said that, like he was saying it to be tongue-in-cheek. We hope.”

And, apparently, demand for US sperm is on the rise. Not just American; Danish semen is also used by women around the world. The reasons are as varied and distinctive as each country’s own regulations and approach to bioethics and business.

In fact, sperm from the US and Denmark dominate the market because those countries currently have the most supply, experts say. It’s unclear whether their rivalry is serious or in jest, but US-based California Cryobank and Denmark’s Cryos International each insist that their sperm repository is biggest.

In Denmark, Cryos, the superstore for Viking sperm, is the main player. “California Cryobank is definitely the largest in the United States, but worldwide, we absolutely crush them,” Corey Burke, the tissue bank director at Cryos International’s Florida outpost, told the Guardian. It is likely the anonymity that these countries provide that makes these two options a standout in the sperm donation realm.

Yet, “The concept of being an anonymous donor now is pretty hard to control, with services like 23andMe and Ancestry anyway,” California Cryobank’s Brown said. “Suggesting to a donor he could remain anonymous seemed like it wasn’t realistic.” So, in all cases, all contact is initiated by the offspring, not the donor. Wow, who knew?


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