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At FERTILITY AND SURROGACY LEGAL GROUP, our team is dedicated to being the best possible advocates for our surrogate clients. If you are becoming a surrogate, the journey is a rewarding and emotional one, and we are here to make sure it is worry free (on the legal end of things, of course). 

Our firm offers legal services for the full gamut of surrogacy arrangements. Our principal attorney has spent several years creating and maintaining our vast nationwide network of ART attorneys, ensuring that our Agreements are always in full compliance with the laws of your state of residence. We steadfastly customize and negotiate each Agreement for our surrogate clients and their families, protecting health, privacy, and clearly delineating your legal rights and obligations. 

What we do: 

  • Draft or provide legal review of surrogate agreements (for both traditional and gestational surrogacies) 
  • Negotiate and advocate on your behalf with Intended Parent’s attorney 
  • Notarization services 
  • Work with your surrogacy agency every step of the way, keeping them up to date on the legal process
  • Drafting and sending legal clearance letters to surrogacy agencies and physicians
  • Your role as a surrogate is very special. Let us support you in feeling safe, secure, and properly compensated as you make someone’s dream come true!


Our friendly, professional and caring team is ready to help with all your fertility and surrogacy legal needs.

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