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Give your gift with clarity and confidence, knowing that FERTILITY AND SURROGACY LEGAL GROUP is behind you!

Many couples interested in taking a surrogacy journey often need an egg to create the embryos. The process of donating eggs or embryos can be complex, but with experience representing both Intended Parents and Egg Donors in Egg Donation Agreements, we are well poised to negotiate the best possible terms on your behalf. We are able to represent both domestic and international egg donors.

What we do:

  • Draft or provide legal review of egg donation agreements (for both direct and anonymous donors)
  • Negotiate and advocate on your behalf with Intended Parent’s attorney (including such complicated terms as future contact, compensation, medical screening and care, and travel)
  • Work with your fertility agency every step of the way, keeping them up to date on the legal process to ensure the cycle is on time
  • Drafting and sending legal clearance letters to fertility agencies and physicians


Our friendly, professional and caring team is ready to help with all your fertility and surrogacy legal needs.

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