Anyone Want to Trade Embryos?

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Anyone Want to Trade Embryos?

Yes, this may sound like a scam, but there is actually a woman and her husband in New York that wants to give their son a brother – by asking the general public if they have any male embryos to swap for her female embryos.

Just last week, the woman took drastic action, sitting down at her computer and writing a message: “Hello, we have been trying to give my child a sibling for three years . . . we want to complete our family with a son. We have a great quality female embryo. Would you like to consider a trade?”

She posted the plea to a number of Facebook support groups for IVF couples — and the outrage was immediate. Although no hateful comments were visible to Lisa, enough people complained to forum moderators that her post was removed from one group’s page. Despite any criticism, the couple is willing to continue searching for someone to trade their embryos – and effectively their DNA without being deterred.

According to the NY Post,

The 37-year-old actress is so desperate to have another son, she is ready to trade her one female embryo — the last embryo she has remaining after multiplerounds of IVF — for the male embryo of a stranger.

“I’m doing this for my son,” she told The Post. “My husband grew up with sisters and wants a boy too. This is the way we want to complete our family.”

She is unfazed by criticisms from people astounded she would give up her biological potential child and raise someone else’s, purely because of a gender preference.

“It doesn’t really matter,” she said. “I think if I carry the baby, I would have a bond. I know so many women who have gone through IVF with donor eggs and that’s their child. A friend, who is white and Jewish, adopted a black child. That’s his son. That bond is unbreakable.”

And, it looks like she may have found a “trading partner” – more to come once she announces any swap and/or pregnancy. Good luck to all involved!


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